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"Superior Surface Effect Technologies" by "Superior Hulls' Water Lubrication" - capabilities with "Injections into Cavity" options




























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Seen here, a 21' Cruiser WITHOUT FINS as made by the Factory. Note, it is plowing the water, facing all known friction resistance being effective as negative forces against efficiency.

WITHOUT FINS push For looking at the Video clip of this 21' Cruiser Watercraft before & after a set of Fins was attached to its hull's mid spray rail, during tests. 

Here you see the boat plowing as all Watercrafts do, deep V or any fast hull are always deeper in the water.

Same TestBoat, 21' Cruiser WITH FINS Note, its rooster tail & no wake, waves, frictions

WITH FINS push PowerFins will lift the Watercraft on top of the water to keep the boat running on its keel where the Flexible PowerFins' apparatus houses the inclining trochoidal wave for wanted water dissection for lubricating the much improved dynamic stability of the now flying Watercraft on open ocean water without these historically persisting known resistances you know about which are not there anymore under any boat, yacht or ship which will use our revolutionary technology!!!

Please note the boat is ON TOP of the water and runs higher and not plowing deep in the water. The boat, is riding a lifting wave created by the invented invincible apparatus.

12' TestBoat Prototype flying on top of lake

Top Performance
Push For looking at the Video clip of this standard 21' Chris-Craft Cruiser plowing through the water - not running on top of the water -.

 10 Verified Commercial benefits

  • Superior Dynamic Stability with significantly-increased Performance and Economy,
  • Surf, Lift & Fly, on waters, with your Watercraft, Vessel, Ship, including Seaplanes.
  • Additional Lifting Capability, for additional Load Carrying capacity,
  • Much improved ride with best Shock Mitigation and with yet Sharper Turning ability,
  • More powerful, intense excitement on active and calm waters,
  • Safer and Superior Racing capabilities on Oceans lakes and rivers,
  • No chine-walking nor risk of Flip-Overs or Tumbling over disasters, at real high speeds,
  • Permanent resale value added by installation of FlexiblePowerFINS on any and every existing hull,
  • Pride of ownership with enjoyment of use and comfort.
  • Special Defence Capabilities include: Extremely Stable Fighting Platform, at all speeds, Acoustic-Silencing and Surface-Signature Silencing, and very Effective Shock Mitigation, and much improved Strategic Maneuvering capabilities, at all speeds, and including yet new top speeds; and all these, for all and any size Watercraft, as small as boats or as large as Aircraft Carriers - plus also including large or small Seaplanes.




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