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"Superior Surface Effect Technologies" by "Added Water Lubrication" - capabilities including secured "Injected Air Cavity" option




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Hand-Fins Invention
Patent Executive Summary 

Seen here, a 21' Cruiser WITHOUT FINS as made by the Factory. Note, it is plowing the water, facing all known friction resistances being effective as negative forces against efficiency.

WITHOUT FINS push For looking at the Video clip of this 21' Cruiser Watercraft before & after a set of Fins was attached to its hull's mid spray rail, during tests. 

Here you see the boat plowing as all Watercrafts do, deep V or any fast hull are always deeper in the water.

21' Cruiser WITH FINS Note, its rooster tail & no wake, waves, frictions

WITH FINS push PowerFins will lift the Watercraft on top of the water to keep the boat running on its keel where the Flexible PowerFins' apparatus houses the inclining trochoidal wave for wanted water dissection for lubricating the much improved dynamic stability of the now flying Watercraft on open ocean water without these historically persisting known resistances you know about which are not there anymore under any boat, yacht or ship which will use our revolutionary technology!!!

Please note the boat is ON TOP of the water and runs higher and not plowing deep in the water. The boat, is riding a lifting wave created by the invented invincible apparatus.

Marine Investment Opportunity
Sought Investor
Demonstration Test Boats
Racing, Advanced Capabilities
Eevreet / Hebrew 
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Mariners' Boats & Yachts
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Never before was a boat able to ride on top of the water, faster and more economically, granting better ride, maneuverability and stability.

This is a GIF, made from Video Clips of our lake and ocean tapings of our test boat.

12' TestBoat Prototype on top of water

Top Performance run on top of water
Push For looking at the Video clip of this standard 21' Chris-Craft Cruiser plowing through the water - not running on top of the water -.

2012 Marketing Capital is needed for our special profitable investment opportunity hereby. We had to decline more then 80 Orders from clients whom are already seeking this upgrade.

This Capital Investment, is needed for serving the best interests of the Incorporated Technology, and its growing Global Mariners' Clients'-base.


This is a Marine Discovery based Invention, which offers a new revolutionary Technology and Product line, as an UpGrade to any boat, yacht, ship, or Watercraft including Seaplanes, as well as new construction projects!

These new Advanced Marine Capabilities for Surfing and Flying plus highest performance Surface-Skimming, are within the New Science of Superior Surface Effects' Technologies" including multi layers of lubrication and lifting option within the open chamber flexible apparatus of the invented FlexiblePowerFINS.
We have developed the most advanced water and air lubricated hulls' design, as well as the FlexiblePowerFins UpGrade Product Line, for granting these new marine capabilities to any existing Boat, Yacht or Ship. We are not showing the Product Line and we are not unveiling the Technology, prior to having ample investment capital in order to secure this highly profitable commercial project for its vast global clients' bases, in the Marine Recreation, Transportation, Defense and Advanced Research Institutions.

If you are interested in partnership or ownership [more...]

For more Profiled Information on our Canadian company
Our Canadian Company, can be found listed at Industry Canada's Website [more...]

About my sought business partners:
I am interested in partners who can serve the best interests of my invented technology and its product line, at the global market places, for serving our vast client base of boats, yachts, ships and seaplanes.

 [more...about] investing in new technology & product line[more...about] Our Business Strategy Plan

Our ongoing Business Development Initiative 
I have tested and demonstrated the new Surface Skimming capability on 12' & 21' boat & cruiser and tested the Surfing Lubrication on a model of an advanced fighting ship of the Canadian Navy in a Canadian Tow-Tank Institute's facility; all with very successful results, intriguing the USA NAVY "Office of Naval Research" (ONR) scientist, and many other respectful designers of Watercrafts.

You can download Video Clips here or with high speed connection look here.

This yet secret successful private research, offers the best opportunity in this new revolutionary product line and its technologic consulting services, which large marine institutions and corporations can not offer. This private commercial project, is much more profitable then any other publicly funded Research & Development & Acquisition projects.

We have developed this revolutionary and multi beneficial technology for all Mariners, based on the inventor's personal discovery of the BTRHS phenomenon, where after R&D of harnessing the phenomenon was developed into the BTRHS Apparatus and its Superior Flexible PowerFins. We have been contacted by many clients and people who are interested, so we have set up three websites, and are now ready for global business development by employing computers and the internet. Our Business Development, is based on our Business Strategy Plan, that you can read about here [more...] to see low risk, high benefits, Marine Transportation Project

Canadian Navy Fighting Ship, being tested in Tow Tank granting 20.6% economic gain see more


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Racing, Advanced Capabilities Technologic Advantages Mariners' Boats & Yachts Manufacturers of Boats & Yachts Defense Industry Naval Architects
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Our Automated Services, are not offered yet on line. Special Consultations and Installations, can be done by agreements.

Superior Surface Effect capabilities include Lifting, Surfing and Surface Skimming Technologies, Specialized Consultation on Discovery Based Advanced Marine Technologies & Products.


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