To freely maneuver in water and air, and almost better then a Seal can...

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USEFUL FOR:Safer SkyDiving, Stronger more flexible SkinDiving and DeepDiving!

Handfins are useful for any and all Work & Recreation and Showmanship applications.

HANDFINS are the most comfortable and useful new technology for Power Swimming in swimming-pools, seas, lakes and rivers, as well for best control in air and in water, a major technologic gain by wearing this most comfortably fitted and elastic gloves on your hands; but mostly a beneficial capability for being more free and safe beyond our natural freedom to maneuver in calm or active waters or air... ...HANDFINS reduce risk to your safety and yet grant you new powerful capabilities to maneuver inside and on to of water, by more comfortable ability for free flexing of your muscles that are naturally in place for our human frame and flesh ..HANDFINS enable you to feel virtually super-natural in water while saving more of your energy from exhaustion, a fact resulting from humans' natural inability to make efficient use of our physical energy in water, from the stamina already stored in our bodies. ...HANDFINS are yet new exciting technologically advantageous product line which grants you more efficient use of your metabolism's physical-output, for developing your stronger efficient movement in water and air, enabling you body to keep more of its warmth in water with less effort for movement and maneuverability or when you wish for use of all your might to pull out of danger into safety; as well as to skydive more safely, for fun or for showing the sport, by less heat-loss or energy loss from your maneuvering actions in both of these vast mediums.

Hands'fins, truly fit like personal gloves on your hands, for aquatic Swimming and Diving or for FreeFall and Skydiving.

With my personal set of Handfins, I can tune the radio while driving the car, and when I use my boat they help to keep me warm and with firm grip on the steering and power. I do not feel like a frogman out from the water, and yet I feel better then a seal in the water, and I can swim backwards in water in a seating position in a way that even the seals can not do! I have tested the Handfins in air at speeds of up to 100 km/hr but not in a Skydiving chamber or at real SkyFreeFall. Making a fist with the Handfins will plow your way throughout any aerodynamic or aquatic turbulence, and opening your hands wide grants you a gentle rudder effect at each hand to Stop or redirect your flow in water and air, complimenting your being stronger with the standard feet-fins we all have seen for years on the international markets. This is the first ever practical complementary invention of Fins for the Hands, although many Hand Gloves for water were invented and patented, none are in use, simply as no one had the special insight to invent this beneficial and obviously wanted technology before me. It is a fun, comfortable, strong and safe feeling, that starts with strengthening your chest muscles as reaction to your new found powers in water and air...

HANDS'FINS are also very useful for therapeutic upper body workouts or rehabilitation from injuries to human upper body, enabling the injured persons to be comfortably developing their upper-body to improve personal health and strength, by simply acting naturally within the pool and having fun with the water resistance, comfortably exercising and improving your aquatic abilities while increasing your safety in waters, because our hands have not evolved naturally for aquatic use. Your hands, can now be much more effective in water and air...

For all age groups, all individuals and mariners who like or love water, will want to have a personal set of Hands'fins for themselves and specially for the parents who are concerned with their children' personal safety in water with Handfins that are mostly fun to use, and as a reminder, of how unfitted we are to move in water; and by giving us the new advanced ability to open our hands and plows through the water or air, something you must try for yourself, to know why you and millions of other people, will always want to have personal Hands'fins nearby, able and ready to enter water or deeper water or jump into the air with Handfins on their hands...

The safety and freedom these Hands'fins add to using standard foot-fins for your legs, are complemented by adding also speed and comfort for much more free maneuverability or working and/or simply playing capabilities in water or air, improving your swim and dive or show, or upgrading your health or help rehabilitation of your upper body in water...

Full product line production and marketing costs indicate the product should be retailed at $125 and as low as $35 a pair, and hopefully we can offer the product line at yet lower costs.

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