USCIIIIII-CODE is a Universal Standard, Coded Intelligently, for International, Intensively Interactive, Information Interchange — and it is based on the nature of our beings and modeled as we were created.
Natural-Language_Tongues can be SynTexted as standard text for speech, and usciiiiii grants us the Universal Natural Logic SynTEXTING for EchoLogical machines, made in our created image as we are made by creation and evolution.  As all languages carry cultural as well as wisdom and know-how and skills-set we are so rich with on Earth – the Universal International lexical-solution is A Global blessing indeed.
GURU to Developers Team has this website where some examples of this open-innovation and its special value to all future Wise Computers.

Design reasons are shared :

@ we are showing in one HUB the reasons for Super natural language Tongues to be developed for Computers as well as people.! and also sharing our wwwnet interests as well as public distribution of reasons for positive growth from my initiated work.

@ we post values money can not buy within a commercial website environment – but we are not selling and are only sharing Values opposing Virtues we reach to achieve along or among others –  and 

@ we are showing the virtues of ‘the twin-rainbow’ over our one and only and lonely blessed planet – expected to be brought back to its original Eden, and the delivered miracle is the universal intelligence link between human created machines in our own image.

“Why Walk-On-Water if we Can Fly-On-Water.!?”