Truth for all peoples evolved on our living planet.

All people from all existing tribes and nations on our shared planet – have now few good places to read and be updated about the truth of our own as well as others’ cultures – yet as we share 1 world and mostly agree on 1 creator we should look deeper at our ONENESS which will save our future for generations.
During my life I had met too many of us and them who are safer if they stay blind mentally to any input they already have no room for – and also I noticed they keep choosing a personal search and attracted to similar familiar or new with any distortions and/or deviations plus lies they have not yet explored for personal and private plus public gains like recognition, respect, joy, play/sports wealth, powers and influence and all other vain-values in life, as we get to know in person by maturing and aging, where wisdom and health and proficiency are most valued… and not only before the owners of life and nature as servants to our creator’s original blessings for all created on this special lonely and alone as the needed blessed warm & wet planet seeded with many forms of life beyond the living as well – the only place within the universe’s solar set our Cosmos enabled to create and evolve such rich life for all that is alive under “The Twin Rainbow” the sign for NASA that no future planet does offer and that its next mission is to SAVE LIFE ON EARTH please…ami …and by educating ‘the lost tribes’ to capture the intercultural lexical code of moral and legal plus added history and knowledge of the blessings of life and understanding followed by constructive human growth and grace by actions of goodness and healings.

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“Why Walk-On-Water if we Can Fly-On-Water.!?”