Not – To Do

Here is what we know is not advisable for smart and wise modern inventors, investors or Governments.
It has been popular in the past, to send yourself a sealed envelope you had mailed for yourself, as proof of your dated invention or innovation = very poor old method, useful only once.
It is now popular to register your application so you can prove you are 1st to Invent and 1st to File = also a poor method which forces you into very costly investment before you have the capability of commercializing the product or service or capability of your new art.
Only if you are a large corporation and major supplier in the industry, you can benefit from the existing patent registration system, so to protect your invention and your investors.

It is not yet popular to be 1st to invent and 1st to file and 1st not to publish, because the publication is available to be purchased by anyone at a relatively very low-cost and you can not fight resulted infringements.

This website and its website are your initial free information to the wisdom we employ, for ours special discoveries based inventions.

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