Wisdom is best use of knowledge and knowhow human kind had assembled, so here we are sharing wisdom based on its origin, some 5775 years ago, when one of our kind had started gathering truths of facts he found on our living planet.
Religion, as the origin of science and human knowledge, is still right in its statements but is not as exact as science is for our use by following our original blessings, as religion teaches us.   Science is focused on Facts and Proof yet its hypothetical claims to the origin and continuation of life are not more true nor exact as what we know as truth for the last 5775 years.
History records that newer religions have sprung out from our original documented knowledge of the oneness of our gifted world and the nature of life plus human wisdom.   Conflicts and wars had resulted from trying to claim cultural differences by envious rulers and leaders while we all know that the created miraculous life on this one and only special planet is based on the oneness of each living part of nature.

The nature of Discovery, Invention and Innovation plus Design, is similar in the sharing of our’s new found knowledge and knowhow specialties in new arts we develop, with all others who need or want plus can benefit from it.   If we wisely choose to see the opportunity of sharing our gifts of new products, services and capabilities, we should not have to do this alone but within a better organized and dedicated organization, preferably supported by Governments and not the Jungle of Global Business and Trade, mostly, because on the long run and after all, present and future generations will be the users and benefactors of our contribution to the better and safer quality of life in our cosmos.

The prepatent-prepartnering website and this one (plus related ones) are dedicated to the proposed method we are proposing as well as to the “Global Taxation Treaty” needed for the Intellectual Properties Industry, worldwide.

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