Welcome to our modern wisdom sharing website.
As a retired businessman and inventor, the owner of our company, was the first lobbyist for the regional inventors society in our province, and in this volunteering position had accost to top political and bureaucratic Government agents and Industry plus Education leaders as well as most inventors seeking help and advice related to new promising commercial projects.

In this position, he had witnessed, listened and learned plus evaluated and mitigated among most of the existing problems and missed concepts plus needs of the industry, including fixing the wrongs needed to be understood and improved so that harvesting the wanted economic development resulted from yet new ideas and discoveries as products and services or advanced capabilities.

The wisdom gathered from this position was gathered into proposals Federal and Provincial took only in part, so he still owns the complete wisdom needed, which does not serve only special interests but the whole industry itself, its professional service providers and clients but mostly the global consumers of new technologies, products and services.

Here we share some of the wisdom, and it is moderated by myself, in case of more isolated wisdom needed and not just modern wisdom needed by you.
Please make use of what you may capture as truth and facts, so you do not end up as 92%-98% of the people who do not succeed in the patenting process or spend too much money without profitable gain, ample repayment or due rewards.

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