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Here are our listed commercial Opportunities for suitable investor/partner:

Hands-Fins HandsFins

Hands-Fins are Specialized Gloves for Superior Aquatic Maneuverability

Flexible PowerFINSpowerfins

Flexible Power fins, are added to any boat, vessel, ship; adding “Flying” & “Surfing” capability.

Superior Hulls LubricatedSuperiorHulls

Superior Hulls design, is the most advanced yet ships’ hulls design ever developed.


Advanced Automation by Super Natural Logic Comprehension in any and all Natural Languages, which is well beyond artificial-intelligence, is a project of important and historic cultural evolution into the realm of merging the human mind with the electronic brain, so partnership under respected global institutional body is called for, so it is not developed according to private and personal interests and preferences.
As no one owns English or any other natural language, this project is on hold till its needed partners are found.
If you are a potential contributor to such important project all high technologies corporations love to own, please contact the owners representative  c/o  USCIIIIIImotherboard

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    1. Amnon Michael Post author

      At this time, contacting by email the owner of the project, is the best confidential way for information confidential sharing. In the future, the “Silent Private Auction” option, will keep investors informed on opportunities, as the come up.
      As to the Hands-Fins opportunity, please contact the given email of its owner.

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