Wiser Method

The method we employ since 1974 for my discoveries based inventions, is still serving my company best, and we are leading in our advance know-how, even today. Our story will be told some day, but our strategy had been to not make mistakes and keep our trade-secrets even from the patent office, and when a patent is applied for we  do not publish till we find the suitable partner/investor in the Market Ready Project.

Yes, we only offer Market Ready Projects when we are ready to enter the markets, and we also offer opportunity in our Open Innovation Projects.

In the past it was wiser to issue a patent first and start marketing the invented product or service, and without the publishing and information sharing of our times, partners and investors were more supportive of the opportunity to be part of the merging new company, and larger companies were more respectful and less greedy.  Since the evolution of computers in our time, we are facing higher firmer shrewder fiercer competition and ignorance of arrogance by a new generation of corporate managers.

The modern trading community within the cataclysmic and shifting global economy is in fact monopoly driven by the largest trading corporation representing national economies which are competing for growth and survival and trading wars are accompanied by periodic major legal actions related to ownership rights to popular commercial intellectual properties, so small inventors and inventors without a manor trading vendor as partner or owner, are simply ignored and left behind the growth, which is actually not in the best interests of the trading industrial nations and the investments by these nations in education, industrial growth and international trade.

Avoiding all the problems, costs, difficulties, stress and frustration, time and work plus useless efforts other must underwrite and implement as “blind” to our wiser ways’ method, we employ what we call the pre-patent pre-partnership method for Inventions meeting Investment process, while the actual proposed “Pre-patent Registry and its Trading-Post” is not available or offered by any of the modern trading industrious nations.  So, we implement in-house our Incubation and Silent Auction with reserved option for our Global Taxation. (Note: Our “Global Taxation Treaty Proposal” deals with our “Superior Economy” solution for all modern trading nations.)
At this time, we simply apply for a patent, but do not publish it. This documents us as first to invent, 1st to file and 1st not to publish, because we need to make best use of the yet archaic and practically useless and very costly for us International Patent System.  The USA PTO did follow some but not all my recommendations, so I am staying ahead of its slow evolution, which is mostly cosmetic but not modern or advancing the profession.

Some of my original concepts was published at the PREPATENT website, but it was not updated for too many years and is not functioning as well as in the past, and some day I shall do so.  This website, is newer and much smaller, and is set for serving the special interest groups of people who have interest in the industry and the better blessed way for human and technologic evolution.

Here is a Flow-Chart of the Superior Economic-Development Model proposed for Global Use by Trading Nations.

Inventions meet Investments

Prepatent Prepartnering Model for Superior Economic Growth, resulted from yet merging incorporated projects.

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