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I was atracted by the invitation, but service and system have not evolved yet to be simply beneficial and comercial for its users/clients and memberships.

So For FREE I had posted there some of my samples of Eevreet/Hebrew teachings of our special yet way for learning to be properly ready for Praising of Alohino haAlohim as is known or as haShem to us who love it – and posted also samples in my voiceprints on You Tube at my personal afterlife account ‘amnonmikecohen’ – sharing verbal and pictorial production so to further explain the blessings of ‘The Twin-Rainbow‘ – so please visit us, both me and myself and my garage band, to hear and see and hoping you can understand The Truth shared @ (

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“Why Walk-On-Water if we Can Fly-On-Water.!?”

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  1. Echos

    באמת יהיה טוב לראות את האמת, אחרי 5775 שנים מאז שהאדם זיהה את הבריאה
    Please share the “Eminent Truth” because all cultures must be informed of it, so to unite in the gifts of life on this one and only living planet within the cosmos.

    Echo Logically

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