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The Worldwide-view forums for our groups at this website, are about our proposed successful and much more modern corporate strategy, for any other (your) merging major corporate developer of our yet new original concepts or discovery based inventions and innovations, all of which offer vast commercial value to the global consumers’ markets.
As original individual consultants to Provincial and Federal Governments and the patent-offices in Canada and the USA, representing our regional Inventors’ Society, we have found, that Patents and Patent Insurance are not sufficient protection for investors in projects of gifted inventors; so we had selected to employ a more modern pre-patent pre-partnership business—development and commercialization strategy method, so to protect ourselves and our investors plus increase our potential for successful implementation of our market ready commercial projects.

Our Modern Business—Development Wisdom has served us very well, by not employing the popular poor old wisdom most others are following, which is not suitable to modern markets in the shifting cataclysmic global economy, and we are in a strong winning position, yet without gains because we have not yet entered the markets, but more importantly, without losses.

Here are our few related special interests groups’ discussions-forums in the new subject and art of “Investments meeting Inventions”.