original white-page draft


Universal Natural Logic, by The New Miracle Numerical Machine.


In simple customized English, for Super English:

(Please note, only on my computers, syntexting of echological machines can be entered and seen, so all we can share here, is what you can see in ascii and natural language.)


GURU Notes, to potential developers of The Electronic Brain for The Human Mind:

The basic mathematical Logic Calculator, will run the 20=20 wisdom, for standard decision makings among automated electromagnetic assistants; employing 4 'intelligent electromagnetic-assistants' (RAM) under the 'electronic-brain's' Electrostatic-Memory (ROM); employing specialized even and uneven natural numbers management, with yet a special multiplier for the "One the One Hand and on The Other hand" decisions, facilitating the Automatic-Comprehension feature - compared with the existing 'electrostatic memory' in ROM.

SynTexting internationally used natural languages, in Super-Natural-Vowels and with additional notations of Universal Speech and logic instructions at the levels of THINKING & SINGING, will assist the wireless listener as well as students of any language plus talking-devices employing the "Flexible, Universal electronic Brain" for also reproducing, by employing a table of 'Users VoicePrints' to reproduce and create yet new natural 'sounds' to be simply linked with the Real World and well beyond the virtual-worlds - _ with focus on our international user with a living real and healthy creative "Human Mind".||/