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USCIIIIII-CODE, as Universal Standard Code Intensively Interactive, International Intelligent Information Interchange, is a Natural to LEXICAL CODE SynTexting Method for universal intercultural translation automated for universal speech capabilities; where the personal voiceprint(s) you have signed into the machine makes it respond as you have automated it to represent yourself; and the process applies to all natural languages, by the upgrade to "Super Natural Languages" employing "Super Vowels" and "Natural Logic Sand-casting" and operating in any given personal voice of any international person; and it is also documented in richer the ASCII (USCIIIIII) code extension to be shared in free air as in printed and as reproduced speech and prayer from text.

For a machine, to recognize your question or statement or joke or prayer in your own voice, we add full universal speech comprehension symbolic instructions, as simple as dots on I and å & é & ñ & sect...

For Automatic Translation, we added Concise Intercultural Comprehension by Natural Logic Instructions.

For automated singing, we propose to adopt existing international notations method, as added channel to feed the Echo Logical Machine.

We welcome developers and all who care for solutions which are not the first to come to be by compromise of the existing universal natural and professional standards. Please feel invited to be more informed at the website hereby to see yet not be able to capture the ways of The New Miracle Numerical machine we have in place...


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