The Super Cataclysmic Economy, is the most modern of ancient Honest Hebrew/Eevreet Order for National, honorable Social-Capitalistic-Economic growth resulted from new economic initiatives.

This New Modern Economic Growth, is proposed first as 'solution model' for merging new-original registered patentable discoveries, science and innovations; and the solution is based on the yet proposed most-proficient Taxation Treaty, as Proficient Global Taxation for Incorporations as well as Citizens - where consumers of regulated Goods and Services are not over-taxed by internal national-economies, but according to a honest 'Social Capitalistic' way of sharing the realization, we all now must share our world as equals under national and international economies - by socially honorable accountable simpler taxation, and where competition and better rewards are derived from the capitalistic strategies of "Us against Them" as Incorporated Teams and Partnerships or Individuals who choose to excel yet beyond.


In the Global Economy of 2011, we are now looking at having reached another unwelcomed Record of political-mismanagement of manipulated financing by another economic burdening layer of mismanagement resulting with much increased Globally uncertain future - instead of saving and consuming in moderate ways, as wisdom demonstrated through the ages since economy was invented/devised, as a solution for hunger in Egypt as the Bible tells the truth - which now reflect the truths of our doubling of Global Population, within the next Generation as well - into 14 Billion people sharing 1 World, as one; which is the reason my focus is on the rightist oneness we need to grow to comprehend and respect, as they seem to do in some nations in Asia and Europe.